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Brownie Flower

A thick brownie bottom topped with a butterscotch ganache flower.
9 Per Box

Lucky Charms

A banana cake topped with carmelized bananas and an Irish whisky sauce.


Best servered warm and with vanilla ice cream.

16 Per Box


Chocolate Reese's

Chocolate cake layered with peanut butter mousse. Surrounded by chocolate cake crumbs and finished with mini peanut butter cups.
16 Per Box


Emerald Isle Cake

Three layers of green velvet cake. Soaked with Irish whisky and filled with Bailey's mousse. Iced in vanilla butter cream and topped with a green striped triagnle.
Scored 14

Bailey's Irish Coffee Cheesecake

A coffee and Bailey's chcoolate chip cheesecake. Sitting on an Oreo cookie crust and finished with a chocolate coffee bean.
Scored 14


Nutty Irishman Torte

Three layers of homemade chocolate potato cake, soaked with Irish whisky. Filled with hazelnut mousse and enrobed with chocolate ganache. Finished with a green striped triangle on each slice.
Scored 14


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